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Customer Portal for Smart Order Management

Translation management software solutions for corporate clients with large translation volumes.

Smart Translation Management Technology

Content management strategies and technological innovations have developed to make translation and localization smarter than ever. But businesses do not always recognize the areas for optimization. An uncoordinated approach towards using translation services across corporate departments can undermine the value that great content delivers. Be strategic about translation management to eliminate inefficiencies, control spend, and reduce administrative burden. This will allow your business to gain greater value, while also enhancing data security for all your documentation.

Understand Translation Activity and Spend Across Your Company

Translation Management platforms help businesses capture the full value of translation. They streamline the process from initial quote to final invoice and provide a secure and organised way to share files. Staff with administrator rights can quickly request real-time progress reports, place orders or generate reports to analyse spend. A translation platform means large-scale translation demand can be tracked and that the full value of a translation service can be delivered.

Reconsider Your Approach to Translation

EVS Translations offers platform solutions to company’s experiencing large-scale translation demand. We provide:

  • Customization of the start page (for example, incorporation of your logo)
  • Creation of an additional general information page following the login page
  • 10 short “How-To Guides” (PPT. or other), which can be downloaded by users
  • Secure data transfer function (upload or download your files via the portal)
  • An internal login (in collaboration with your IT department)
  • Supervisor logins for monitoring all activity
  • Support for new users (1 month)

What’s more, we offer:

  • User support and maintenance
  • Additional premium services upon consultation and request

EVS Translations effectively uses all translation management technology tools to your advantage, so you can fulfill your core tasks with even greater success. Our TM platform solutions help your business go further and create long-term value.