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Translation management software solutions for corporate clients with large translation volumes.

Smart Translation Management Technology

Solutions for very large translation volumes with tight turnaround times are sought after by many global corporations, but businesses do not always recognize the full potential of translation management technology to automate the translation process and integrate a coordinated approach towards using translation services across all corporate departments.

EVS Translations helps global companies to design, refine or restructure the processes executed throughout the translation project life cycle. With advice on integrating translation management technology for greater efficiency, reducing costs and administrative effort, all while gaining greater value and improving data security, we make translation smarter for you.

Translation Order Management In-Brief

  • Ability to create orders and request quotes for faster turnaround
  • Access to your translation memories and glossaries
  • Up-to-the-minute translation work status (the client can view the current status of the order as well as the related steps, e.g. DTP)
  • Visibility into your dedicated project team
  • Manage your translation budget (a precise report on the services provided and the costs incurred can be generated at any time)


EVS Translations offers platform solutions for translation management to corporations with a high level of demand with the following services:

  • Customization of the start page (logos and other graphic customizations may, upon request, be specially created for the platform or taken over from an existing inventory)
  • Creation of additional welcome and info pages
  • User guides for easy download and distribution
  • Creation of customized „How to…“ and PPTs for distribution to client personnel
  • Collaboration with client IT to coordinate system integration and internal logins
  • Onboarding and helpdesk support

Additional premium services are available upon consultation and request. Contact our in-house translation technology department.

EVS Translations effectively uses all translation management technology tools to your advantage, so you can fulfill your core tasks with even greater success. Our TM platform solutions help your business go further and create long-term value. We’re ready, are you?

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