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All the benefits of professional human translators with years of experience, plus the quick responsiveness of a well-rehearsed team.

The Advantages of In-House Translators

Some might call it an unusual concept, but EVS Translations employs over 95 in-house translators. Watch the video to find out how and why they make translations faster and more secure.

In-house translators that are guaranteed to present you with the highest quality of translations

When you request a translation for your business, you expect the result to be professional, secure, and quick. To achieve just this, EVS Translators employs over 95 in-house translators and proofreaders who use their translation expertise in fields such as financeeconomylegaltechnologyautomotive, as well as medicine and pharmaceuticals to complete any translation request your company might have. Combine this with the latest software solutions and a global team that is able to handle even urgent and short-notice translation projects due to different time zones and well-rehearsed protocols, and you understand why EVS Translations is proud of its in-house translation service.

Keep it simple – keep it in-house: international translation services

When we say “in-house,” we mean “in-house.” So even if we can’t fulfill your request internally, we rely on our many years of partnership with other translation agencies who also employ their own in-house translators to finish your translation request just as you expected it.

To keep their knowledge of the translation industry as up-to-date as possible, we regularly send our own in-house translators to seminars and make sure that all eight of our global offices internally train their linguists to help them grow alongside us. Keeping things in-house doesn’t just mean data protection and quick turn-arounds – it also means we have a family of translators working together to deliver high-quality translations. 

Benefits of our in-house translators summed up

  • Set translators for continual projects
  • Consistency due to our company’s own terminology banks, as well as customer-specific ones
  • Efficient problem-solving techniques due to professional exchange with coworkers across multiple languages
  • Substitution plan – if one of our translators is ever unavailable, another one is ready to jump in immediately: the translation job doesn’t need to be interrupted

Only experienced and certified translators handle our projects

Being certified under the ISO 17100:2015, EVS Translations strictly follows its rules of requiring a college degree in translation services for its employees, as well as years of experience – we make sure that our employees can handle projects of any complexity. That is why we are proud to rely on our many in-house translators for you.

Do you meet all these requirements and are interested in working with us? Please refer to our career page on how to get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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