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Proofreading Services

EVS Translations has a dedicated team of diligent in-house proofreaders with industry knowledge who guarantee professional accuracy.

Proofreading Translations with Dual Control

Good translations are always a team effort. This video explains how the proofreaders at EVS Translations combine their own personal skills with those of the team to ensure top quality of the work.

Accuracy and Consistency Ensured by Specialist Expertise

EVS Translations has a dedicated team of in-house proofreaders with an in-depth knowledge of various industry sectors. Our proofreaders work through the translated documents meticulously, checking the target language against the source text to guarantee both technical and linguistic accuracy while ensuring that correct and consistent terminology has been used throughout the document.

Throughout the entire proofreading process, maximum accuracy and consistency are guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art translation memory software containing previously translated documentation, as well as the use of reference material, client-specific glossaries of preferred terminology, and style guides.

Revision and Editing

EVS Translations also offers monolingual linguistic checks of documents written by non-native speakers and performs final monolingual checks of documents. This measure not only reviews the linguistic accuracy of the translation but also ensures the consistent use of grammatical rules and formatting choices, including:

  • Word hyphenation
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting prior to publication

EVS Translations has a dedicated team of in-house proofreaders on hand, whose quality-oriented methodologies and procedures, combined with the use of world-leading translation software, ensure that the most exacting requirements can be met every time.

We look forward to speaking with you personally about your proofreading requirements. Just use our contact form or call us.

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