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Video Localization

Take your video content global with foreign language subtitles and voice-over delivered by our in-house video translation team.

Create Engaging Video Assets for Overseas Consumers or a Global Workforce

Persuasive and engaging video content is a staple component of any internal or external communications strategy. If your team is looking to repurpose its original video assets for new markets, EVS Translations can provide multilingual voice-over, subtitles and all onscreen content so your business gets the most from its investment in video. Our in-house linguistic and technical teams combine their expertise and the latest software solutions for professional video localization. They translate, create and embed subtitles and/or voice-over and recreate all onscreen content to deliver a video which is ready to launch into overseas markets or to a global workforce.

From Script Creation to Embedding Subtitles and Voice-over Recordings

There are several steps and options during the video localization process. Our experts guide clients through this process so that the final video is exactly what they need. From script creation (transcription and time-coding), which allows for translation into multiple languages, to working with any animated text so that it's reproduced flawlessly in the new language, our linguists and technical teams create video content that is as authentic as the original with a high-quality finish on visual presentation.

Internal Communications Including eLearning

Video commercials with professional voice-over and/or subtitles can help your business to achieve global reach, but what about businesses that need to communicate with a global workforce? If your company has a network of international offices and wants to make sure all corporate messaging is consistent, eLearning and corporate training videos reproduced in the relevant languages supports this objective. Translations of health and safety videos for global employees are also effective for HR departments seeking to keep everyone informed about regulations across the business. EVS Translations recreates all original video assets to make sure all corporate or brand messaging comes across exactly as intended.

If your team is interested in launching global video content, call our team of experts to discuss the project in detail or send an inquiry via the website.

More Information on Language Solutions for Video Localization

  • Video LocalizationFile Size: 257 KBMultilingual voice-over, subtitling and transcription services for your corporate and brand videos.

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