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Video Localization Service

Take your video content global with multilingual transcription, foreign language subtitles and voice-over as well as on-screen text and meta data.

Multilingual Video Localization Service for Businesses All Over the World

More and more businesses are harnessing the power of video to engage consumers or to train global teams. EVS Translations works with marketing agencies and media production agencies, as well as corporate marketing and HR departments to localize video assets so that they can be launched globally. From TV car commercials to e-learning videos, we have extensive experience in providing video localization services to global brands.

We Deliver Localized Videos That Are Ready to Launch

Our in-house technical and linguistic teams, based at our offices across Europe and the US, combine their expertise to deliver video localization services. Choose from stand-alone services, such as voice-over recording, or the full localization package: all subtitles, on-screen text and voice-over recordings embedded for finished videos that are ready to launch.

Our video localization service includes:

  • Script creation (including transcription and timecoding)
  • Subtitling (delivered as subtitle files or embedded in the video)
  • Voice-over recording (samples can be provided and recordings can be delivered as audio files or embedded in the video)
  • On-screen text translation (including kinetic typography)

We work with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and other leading video editing or motion graphics software programs to ensure a high-quality finish. EVS Translations supports your business to create video that has a global reach.

What Our Clients Say About Our Audio and Video Localization Services


‘fst is a strategy-led design agency. As part of a wider project for our global payments technology client, we created an interactive e-learning tool.

Having already partnered with EVS Translations in previous projects, we enlisted their support in the localization of the English source content into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. This also included the sourcing and recording of professional voice-overs. Recording took place mid-pandemic, but we were still able to complete the project and meet the client’s launch date. 

I would like to thank the team at EVS Translations for being so professional and flexible with our project demands. We look forward to continuing to work with you.’

- fst Marketing

FREE DOWNLOAD: A Guide for Media Production and Marketing Agencies

How agencies can partner with language service providers to produce and market multilingual video content with professionally localized subtitles, voice-overs and on-screen text.
Download all the insight and advice here.

In This Guide You Will Find:

  • Comprehensive tips on project preparation (so your project runs on schedule)
  • A checklist of key questions for your team to answer so project fundamentals are clear
  • Advice on generating long-term value from translation
  • Insight on global trends for consuming video content



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