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Thinking about creating videos for clients or internal training videos for employees? EVS Translations can help you localize your message clearly and professionally, with the right voice-over talent for your business.

Voice-Over Videos at EVS Translations

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – Social media nowadays is full of people and businesses sharing their content through videos instead of written posts, therefore reaching their audiences faster and more efficiently. If you, too, would like to reach a wider audience with your videos, EVS Translations can provide multilingual voice-overs for your videos that will help you reach audiences of different countries and cultures. With professional and accurately translated voice-overs, expanding your business globally just got easier!

Voice-Overs, Subtitles, Transcription, Time Coding – All With or Without Translation


As EVS Translations provides your business with professional voice overs for your videos, you can always choose whether or not you want them translated. The same goes for our professional subtitling and transcription services – we are happy to apply them to your videos just in the language they came in, but the professional in-house translators at EVS Translations are also more than equipped to translate them into your desired language. Whether you have a video with audio in language A and want subtitles and transcription in the same language, or you have a video with audio in language B and want subtitles in language C and voice over in language D, the result will be high quality, ready-to-use products with precise time codes for your convenience.

eLearning Videos with Subtitles and Voice-Overs

As mentioned above, videos with professional voice-overs and subtitles can help you reach more clients, but what about your own employees? If you have employees in international offices and want to make sure your corporate message and image stay the same no matter where it’s being represented, eLearning and/or corporate training videos can work wonders! If you want to ensure proper safety regulations in all your office, Health and Safety videos are a must! Just create the video and EVS Translations will make sure your message comes across exactly as you intended to every one of your international employees.

Did we pique your interest? Are you interested in our voice-over and/or subtitling services? Call us today at +1 404-523-5560 or use our contact form to get in touch with us!

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