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“Art loves patient and well-thought projects”- Alex Jekova

Alex Jekova was no doubt the favourite and most beloved singer of the audience in the 3rd edition of Bulgaria’s Music Idol. It was not only because of her unique and specific velvet timbre, but also because of her natural behaviour and radiance of her countenance. We met her to ask how is her career going several years after the show ended, what projects lie before her and to ask her some not that traditional questions.

Alex Jekova, Music Idol contestant
Alex Jekova, Music Idol contestant

Hello Alex, thank you for accepting our invitation!
Where is Alex Jekova today? What did you manage and not manage to achieve during the past few years?
As always, I deal with a lot of things at the same time. I am not one of those people who like to stay in one place and that is why I’m inventing new adventures for myself all the time. I think people should try as much as they can in order to develop themselves. Unfortunately, music is a bit in the background at the moment, considering what I just said, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped. I am just thinking over my next project.

What are the challenges before you in the nearest future and are you preparing a new hit for your fans?
Challenges are something usual in my life. They are of different nature. I prefer not to talk in advance, but I have an idea about a song that I hope to realise very soon. I do not give myself deadlines because art loves patient and well-thought projects.

What goals are you pursuing now – is there anything you are extremely motivated about?
The main constructive element of our generation is to create a family. This is my main motivation. Everything else happens when and if it must. I do not push myself too much for anything, but time flies.

As you are about to be our guest performer – one not very traditional question: what is the best medicine for you? How do you “cure” yourself when you are sad or bored?
Music is my best friend. Always and ceaseless next to me. It has seen beautiful and horrible things and it has never left me. Of course, I am grateful to my friends and relatives who give me strength in all moments of weakness. I was born strong, very strong, and in general, it is hard to knock me down, but support is always needed. Sometimes even the strongest men need some push to get up.

And what do you prefer – traditional methods and homoeopathy, or you rely fully on medicines?
I have always had respect for traditional healing methods. As a singer, the basic and most effective rehabilitation is with “grandma’s recipes”. Herbs are so natural and great and heal so many things only if you know which ones to use for what. Of course, I use medicines too. Unfortunately, too often I must be on my feet for a whole day and herbs need accumulation. Homoeopathy is also very effective when your voice is down so I use it, too.

What do you think of the song “He, who vegetables doesn’t eat…” ? Did you like vegetables when you were young?
I’ve always liked vegetables. Unfortunately, good quality Bulgarian produce is sold abroad and vegetables on our markets are a bit like artificial. I try to buy from private farms because those vegetables are cleaner.

What else will you add to the proverb “Those who sing mean no evil” ?
Those who sing will bring home the bacon!

Bulmedica/Buldental 2017
Bulmedica/Buldental 2017

Charge your days with smiles – listen to Alex’s song The other side of the Moon. And if you would like to listen to her live, you are welcome on 18 May from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm at Stand B 8, Exhibition Hall 1 of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL in Inter Expo Center. Alex will be the guest performer at the stand of EVS Translations and will grant us with many positive emotions to start our successful cooperation.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

Traditional child song that says “If you do not eat vegetables, you will never grow up”.

Bulgarian proverb.