10 Aug /23

Customer Showcase: Excelling in Complex Translation Projects

Customer Showcase: Excelling in Brochure Translation Projects
Customer Showcase: Brochure Translation for a Hypermarket

At EVS Translations, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services that exceed our clients’ expectations. In a recent project, we worked on a brochure translation for a hypermarket specializing in construction materials. This undertaking presented several unique challenges showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Working in Adobe Illustrator, we encountered a new hurdle that required us to explore innovative solutions. To ensure accurate translations, we incorporated a unique, additional tool into our workflow, allowing us to maintain efficiency and precision throughout the process.

The text extraction was meticulous, requiring manual intervention and rewriting in certain sections. Our diligent team tackled this challenge head-on, ensuring that every detail was accurately conveyed and that the essence of the content remained intact.

With the target language being Greek, we faced a significant challenge when reintegrating the translated text into the brochure. Including Greek letters posed readability issues for our typesetting (TT) team during the post-formatting and pre-print stages. However, our dedicated professionals worked meticulously to ensure that the translated content was incorporated flawlessly into the brochure, taking extra care to maintain the integrity of the design.

Our translator and TT team conducted rigorous checks throughout the process and continuously compared the translated version to the source brochure. This stringent quality control measure ensured the utmost accuracy and alignment with the original content, guaranteeing a seamless and polished final product.

Another aspect we had to consider was the proper terminology alignment with the corresponding pictures in the brochure. We understood the significance of maintaining consistency and clarity, ensuring the text harmoniously complements the visual elements.

Another main challenge was the post-formatting work in Illustrator, which was time-consuming and cost our DTP team much effort and working hours. We also had a very short deadline.

Once again, despite the tight deadlines, our team rose to the occasion, delivering outstanding results within the specified time frame. We embraced the challenge, working tirelessly to ensure the translation was completed promptly and without compromising quality.

The satisfaction of our valued customers underscored the success of this project. They entrusted us with a second order of the exact nature a month later. This vote of confidence speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and our clients’ trust in our capabilities.

At EVS Translations, we thrive on challenging endeavors, utilizing our expertise, innovative tools, and unwavering dedication to surpass client expectations.

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