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An urgent audio visual project proves nothing is impossible for EVS Translations

Nothing is impossible - EVS Translations
Nothing is impossible – EVS Translations

Short-term solutions for straight-forward ad-hoc translations can be provided by any number of language services providers. Where there is a demand for higher quality, larger volumes or more complex projects, or where there is a regular demand, the choice of LSPs narrows. For these kinds of projects it’s important to consider whether an LSP has the correct resources and processes in place to meet the requirements of your project.

EVS Translations recently had the opportunity to work on a multilingual audio visual project for a Fortune 500 company and demonstrate the kind of solutions it is able to offer businesses. The client provided EVS Translations with 21 videos that needed translating into English from 7 languages, so it was a multistage project involving: transcription, time coding, translation, and subtitling. Not so complicated on the surface, perhaps, but consider that there was 10 GB of data to be distributed to 21 translators and the deadline was for the end of business the following day—this was the kind of project that could bring some LSPs to gridlock.

Support across time zones

The availability of an LSP across time zones is especially advantageous for projects with large volumes and short turnaround times. For this particular project, EVS Translations was able to offer its client access to its in-house teams of translators, project managers and technical staff based at our offices across Europe and the USA. The time advantage provided by different time zones, as well as the coordination between teams which are already in place (that is, in-house teams) meant that work on the project continued almost around the clock ensuring a successful conclusion.

A comprehensive service

Presenting your company’s message consistently across projects and languages requires proper management and using multiple providers may complicate this task significantly. Finding a provider that can offer you a complete solution saves time, is cost-effective and improves the quality of the final content. EVS Translations has specialist IT and design staff to work on projects for both pre- and post-translation work. In the case of the recent audio visual project, our technicians received the videos for translation, distributed them to the international teams, provided time coding and subtitling expertise and delivered the final files in the clients preferred file format. Since these experts are based in-house, the coordination of translation and technical work was quick and effortless.

For me as IT manager and subtitle expert it was a great project to get involved with. Determining the critical path and pre-empting any issues that might arise was critical, since there was no time for mistakes. We split each video into manageable sections and applied our standard process to each part. The files were time coded in the UK, then, towards the end of business, we called on our colleagues in America to help out and prep other stuff ready for the next morning. When a file was delivered I had the chance to inspect and approve it, then all the content was merged into final deliverables. The client thought they had asked for the impossible, so they were delighted with the successful completion of the project.

  • David Thomas, EVS Translations UK

EVS Translations has offices across Europe and in the USA, each with its own in-house translation, project management and IT teams for support across 5 time zones. For regular clients, EVS Translations can coordinate the schedules of these international in-house teams to ensure the same experts work on the client’s latest project and that the work can begin right-away.

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