12 Mar /19

Meet Us at Europe’s Largest B2B Marketing Expo

Meet EVS Translations at Europe’s Largest B2B Marketing Expo
Meet EVS Translations at Europe’s Largest B2B Marketing Expo

Two members of our UK Sales and Marketing team will be attending the B2B Marketing Expo & MTEX.

The event will be held from 27th to 28th March 2019 at ExCeL London – an exhibitions and international convention centre in the heart of the city.

Europe’s greatest marketing event, the B2B Marketing Expo, will showcase the trends and solutions shaping the future of marketing as presented by some of the world’s most influential figures in new business opportunities.
The Marketing Technology Expo, MTEX will further highlight the very latest innovations from the world of martech.

Knowledge sharing and keynote speeches from experts representing the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Fujitsu, Shutterstock and Amazon will take place alongside the 1,000 high-quality exhibitors, 500 seminars and 200 interactive masterclasses. Topics will cover the new rules of marketing technology and operations, data privacy, creating compelling content, and scaling visual content marketing.

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, social media influencer marketing and automation will provide the backdrop to an exclusive launch of pioneering products, set to alter the marketing industry.

For EVS Translations, the event presents a chance to consider the whole customer journey and fine-tune its own approach. We are looking forward to speaking with like-minded professionals about lead generation and the tools and strategies for moving clients along the marketing/sales funnel.

Secure your appointment with EVS Translations UK Sales and Marketing experts in advance:

Connect with Lucy Kikuchi, Marketing Manager for EVS Translations UK:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-kikuchi/

E-mail: Lucy.kikuchi@evs-translations.com


Connect with Kristy Hartless, Sales Executive for EVS Translations UK:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristyhartless/

E-mail: Kristy.hartless@evs-translations.com