19 Mar /19

Lesson 19: Don’t forget to celebrate your milestone!

Birthday wishes from the international team at EVS Translations

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I’ve been in Offenbach as a trainee since mid-September and am now moving to Nottingham, starting work at EVS Translations UK just as it turns 20. It’s been interesting being in the main office, meeting people and learning how the company works, but I’m looking forward to working in a new team and a new setting. People are constantly telling me how friendly everyone is at the Nottingham office! Happy birthday EVS Translations UK and I look forward to joining you very soon.
Hannah, trainee proofreader, EVS Translations GmbH

We’d love to come and visit you all some day! Until that time, Happy Birthday EVS Translations UK and all the best for a successful future.
EVS Translations Bulgaria

Happy Birthday
20 years of successful working. A wonderful client-focused team.
It was a pleasure to work in your office 2 years ago. Such a beautiful building you’re based in!
Go ahead for the next 20 years!
Michael Schacht, Business Development Manager, EVS Translations GmbH

Dear UK-Team, with regards to your 20-year anniversary I send you best wishes. During the last 20 years the UK office went through good times and difficult times.. thanks to a great team performance you are now at such a high level. Thumbs up!
Michael Reimer, Business Development Manager, EVS Translations GmbH

Elizabeth really enjoyed meeting the UK team last year. All the best to the UK office.
EVS Translations USA

Happy Birthday EVS Translations UK!!! Thanks for all your hard work in the past and please keep it up for the future! Enjoy your cake-day!!
Cecilia Schramm, Marketing Assistant, EVS Translations USA

Congratulations, EVS Translations UK, to 20 years of helping the world communicate better!
Lots of sweat and hard work you threw in – both are paying off though! With quality client relations and state-of-the-art translation technology, things come into place.
To the next 20 years of inspiring and enjoyable projects!
Jacqueline Andres, Marketing Associate, EVS Translations GmbH

20 years EVS Translations UK means: hard work, vision, insistence, passion, blood, sweat and tears, patience, stability, success, loyal clients, trust, dynamic, power, joy and so much more. Thanks to the EVS Translations UK team for the last 20 years and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Monika Heusel, Head of Marketing, EVS Translations GmbH

Happy 20th Birthday EVS Translations UK!
Keep up the good work and godspeed for the next 20 years!
Florian Schwieger, Head of Sales, EVS Translations GmbH

Happy birthday to the UK office!
Martina Radina, Head of Human Resources