20 Jun /16

The German Income Tax Act

English translation of Einkommenssteuergesetz
EVS Translations now offers the first English translation of The German Income Tax Act / Einkommenssteuergesetz


The German Income Tax Act

The global net that companies weave daily is getting steadily denser.
New business relationships are established every moment, corporate groups expand internationally, and employees move abroad for work.
In this context, compliance with the respective applicable legal provisions is just as important as intercultural skills.
The German Income Tax Act (EStG) regulates the taxation of natural persons and legal entities, and therefore of private citizens and corporations in Germany.
Due to increasing globalisation, the EStG is also relevant for internationally active companies – for instance, for the taxation of salaries in Germany.
Which income tax category do employees belong in? What tax deductions are they entitled to?
In addition to these questions, the EStG also provides answers on how to handle advertisement costs and foreign income.

The translation of the German Income Tax Act into English was done by a team of experienced financial translators from EVS Translations.
The translation is regularly updated internally with the newest legal developments.

The translation takes into account the change of the law through article 20 of the law dated December 20, 2011 (BGBl. I S. 2854).

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