26 Mar /19

Lesson 20: Look to the future

Lesson 20: Look to the future
Lesson 20: Look to the future

20 lessons learned in 20 years of business

As EVS Translations UK approached the celebration of its 20th anniversary in February, its founder and CEO, Edward Vick, joined us on the blog each week to speak about the business and life lessons learned from the UK chapter of his international business.

Here is the final lesson.

This anniversary blog series is the summary of what happened with all members of the team – in the UK and beyond – who shared their memories and, of course, the lessons they have learned.

Look to the future

Throughout this anniversary series, various topics were covered – data-security, knowledge sharing, hiring mistakes, business risks and personal sacrifices. It was the persons who made the story. How expansion in the translation business also runs parallel to globalisation of other business, how different persons add value in different ways. There are our course team members who have moved between EVS Translations’ offices during their careers with us, who have developed from being trainees to mentors, and who are currently fueling the engine for the next round of growth. What a journey. And the journey has only just begun.

Twenty years ago, I imagined what I have now. But the reality is of course different, and the imagination did not see the individual moments of pleasure and hardship. Back then it was only expansion. Now it is a question of a team with great players on it. The past 20 years have been an uphill climb and, when I reach the top – I see only the other side of the mountain. The markets shift, technology changes the game, and competitors appear from unexpected places. It’s never-ending, and there was never any summit. But this is life and the challenge goes one.

What I can say is this: I am proud of the EVS Translations team.

So, Happy Birthday to EVS Translations UK. Where will we be in 20 years.

Edward Vick, CEO of EVS Translations