2 Oct /18

Man versus Machine – Getting the Balance Right in Legal Translation

London Law Expo
London Law Expo

We’re now just a week away from the London Law Expo on October 9th and our legal services expert Joanne Brompton will be attending the show.

In our last blog, we discussed the potential and indeed the limits of AI programmes in translating legal texts. In this latest extract from our legal services whitepaper, we look at how AI can be combined with human expertise for the optimum solution in legal translation.

The perfect blend

As with many things in life, finding the perfect solution is all about getting the blend right. The good news is that law firms can maximise productivity gains by carefully applying AI solutions and human expertise in the right areas.

It is all about the correct deployment of your resource, whether AI or human. Not necessarily an either/or decision.

When this is done correctly, the ability of a law firm to prioritise much smaller volumes of data for professional legal translation ultimately means a reduction in costs associated with a cross-border legal transaction.

At a time when clients are looking for greater value and law firms are competing with younger firms and their new technologies, the possibility to innovate and reduce costs cannot be ignored.

What’s more, by choosing a larger-size LSP with extensive in-house capabilities, the law firm can also reduce the number of suppliers involved to streamline the workflow and maintain tight data security.

Just before Joanne heads off to London next week, we will finish this series of blogs with a look at the crucial issue of data security in more detail.