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If You Use Translation Services, When Do You Need Transcription?

If You Use Translation Services, When Do You Need Transcription?
If You Use Translation Services, When Do You Need Transcription? – EVS Translations

Transcription can be part of the wider subtitle or voiceover translation process or a standalone business service. Learn more about how you can use this service when working with a Translation Services Provider.

Transcription can be used within the following functions:

  • Creating scripts for video content
  • Meetings & conferences
  • Official proceedings

Creating scripts for your video content

Transcription of original spoken content in a video is the most accurate basis for creating foreign language subtitles or voiceover. The content can be time-coded as it is transcribed, which aids the subtitle creation process. You get an accurate script of your source material which can be used in the future if you decide to translate the content into more languages.

Your business needs Spanish subtitles for its promotional video. We recommend transcribing and time coding the original English, which will then be used as the basis for translation into Spanish to create subtitles or voiceover. This script can be used as the basis for any additional languages.

Documented communications for stakeholders, clients or the media

Beyond video content, businesses also use transcription services to keep their global audiences or employees closely informed of important developments. Transcribed content of meetings or media interviews forms the basis of the translation process and the result is accurate information conveyed across your specified languages.

Official proceedings

Legal proceeding such as court hearings may require submission of transcribed interviews. Transcription in this case may require certification (e.g. affidavit as a basic form of certification) from the translations service provider.

EVS Translations uses transcription as the basis for creating accurate content in a foreign language and also as a standalone service without translation. The range of transcription requirements is almost unlimited. Currently we are working with a well-known USA-based employment job search site, which requires transcription as part of the video production process for its digital internal communications. We’ve also provided transcription for legal clients as part of cases including homicide reports, and for the business meetings of a major pharmaceutical client.

Send your video or audio files and we will ensure that content is delivered in the final format you need, whether it is a subtitled video, video with voiceover, an audio file or a certified hard copy document. Our dedicated inhouse team for transcription enquiries coordinate the efforts of our technical experts to make sure every word is accounted for, whatever the language.