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What Does an Office Management Employee at EVS Translations Do?

What does an office management employee at EVS Translations do?
What Does an Office Management Employee at EVS Translations Do?

An incredible amount! The more exciting jobs a company offers and the more customers it draws from EVS Translations’ comprehensive product portfolio, the more networking, planning and organisation is needed. EVS Translations now employs two skilled office managers at its headquarters in Offenbach. Together with one contact person in each of the foreign and domestic offices, they jointly manage office organisation. They have to keep an eye on almost everything at all times and take into account even the unpredictable in their daily routine. This requires good organisational skills and creativity, but also the ability to keep a cool head in all situations. In addition to their professional expertise, our office managers also have plenty of soft skills that make working together in the office not only bearable, but pleasant.

Making coffee? Not in office management at EVS Translations

This is done by our fully automatic coffee machines, where employees can get the office drink par excellence free of charge. Of course, our office managers also handle traditional secretarial tasks such as writing letters for first-time customers, answering telephone enquiries and preparing or following up meetings. At an international level, they are responsible for assisting employees with travel and hotel bookings and welcoming them to the offices. Above all, they are responsible for updating calendars and keeping track of deadlines and appointments. They ensure that customers receive urgent orders on time and support quality management during audits or occupational health and safety meetings. And last but not least, they organise all our company events – especially the Christmas party!

All-round talented people with a vision

The job of an office manager requires entrepreneurial thinking and doing, strong communication skills and the ability to quickly absorb new information. The office managers at EVS Translations act internally as an interface between management, executives and colleagues, thereby ensuring that everyone is kept informed. They handle external correspondence for different departments and so gain knowledge about developments in the areas of project management, sales, marketing and law. They are responsible for all procurement and maintenance measures in the individual offices and so ensure the well-being of our staff. On behalf of all EVS Translations employees, we would like to take this opportunity to express our great praise and thanks to our office managers!

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