18 Feb /14

Offshore in Africa

offshore in africaOil production on the African continent is risky business these days.
Sectarian conflicts and unstable government threaten even E&P areas formerly considered to be safe investments. Unlike in previous decades, these security problems are no longer localized to certain geographical areas, but surface periodically from the gas fields of Algeria to the oil wells of Nigeria. Companies with a big stake in the African market, as for instance England’s Tullow Oil, are therefore turning to the logical alternative to unsafe land wells-  offshore in Africa. Tullow has recently added new acquisitions Namibia, Suriname, Kenya, and Uganda to its portfolio, which also include several exploratory offshore sites. Meanwhile Tullow’s TEN project, located off the Ghanaian shore is expected to achieve full capacity in 2016. As offshore technologies enable companies to access new and promising oil and gas plays, while additionally eliminating the dangers associated with land wells in politically unstable nations, production offshore in Africa will certainly continue to boom in the foreseeable future.
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