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Order of the Month – March 2020

Order of the Month – March 2020 - EVS Translations
Order of the Month – March 2020 – EVS Translations

With most non-essential air travel being grounded around the US, it’s easy to forget the aviation industry when thinking about the logistics sector. But it’s clear from a project that EVS Translations carried out in March just what an important part they still play in the seemingly never-ending fight against the global pandemic right now.

March was the beginning of EVS Translations Atlanta’s transition to home office due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and it was then that our team got a very interesting inquiry: a USA-based international aircraft leasing company requested the translation and localization of instructional corporate presentations as well as videos into Asian languages for all their international employees. The kind of challenging inquiry we’re always ready for.

The order came in late that month and was handled in only a week, though it included transcription, time-coding, translation, and eventually subtitling for the video part of the project, where – due to the different character lengths between Asian languages and English – the spacing of the subtitles had to be meticulously reworked by our Translation Technology team. The order also included graphics that had to be edited in Adobe Illustrator to look exactly as they had in the original file.

The most interesting part, however, of this order was actually the cause behind it: Later, one of our team members learned from the news that the cargo airline is facilitating anti-corona virus supply logistics and EVS Translations is glad of having the opportunity to indirectly facilitate the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are part of the logistics industry – aviation or ground transportation – don’t hesitate to speak with our team. It is now more important than ever to be precise in your internal corporate communication, as well as the communication with your global clients.

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