17 Sep /15

7 Criteria for Finding a Good Pharma Translation Company

EVS Translations at TLIP
EVS Translations at TLIP

7 things necessary to be a successful pharma translation company

1.  20 years experience with pharmaceutical and medical translations in many languages

2.  A reference list that includes at least 8 of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world

3.  Dedicated teams of in-house pharmaceutical translators and in-house pharmaceutical proof-readers to ensure capacity for regular customers

4.  Dedicated IT teams to solve all formatting problems, terminology issues, and any new challenges that work with large key accounts brings

5.  Scalability to handle very large projects when they come in

6.  High and higher levels of IT security in line with requirements

7.  Expertise in audits, compliance, finance, HR, legal gained from working with top listed companies

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