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7 Reasons to Use In-House Translators

7 Reasons to Use In-House Translators - EVS Translations
7 Reasons to Use In-House Translators – EVS Translations

In an industry that often relies heavily on outsourced expertise, EVS Translations stands out as unique. The in-house translator teams at each of our international offices are valued by us and our clients because they offer a number of important advantages. Read on to find out what makes our in-house translator teams so special.

1. Working with experts we know and trust

You may have seen websites with statements such as “we have a freelance network of 25,000 translators”; but registering a translator’s CV in a database and working with them in-house present two entirely different scenarios when a project comes in. EVS Translations hires expert translators who enjoy long-term careers at the company and this is reflected in the final quality of our translations. What’s more, we don’t need to spend time at the start of a project checking the credentials of translators who are virtually unknown to us.

2. Regular training for in-house translators

Our work is not simply about putting words on a page. EVS Translations develops and trains its translators so that they are the best they can be — and this is why we have a reputation for exceptional quality. Initial and ongoing training of our in-house translators is central to the company culture at EVS Translations. This means not only developing linguistic skills, but also a translator’s knowledge of their subject specialism, as well as in-house IT training for the latest industry software.

3. Quicker turnaround times

We already have our expert in-house translator teams in place and we know their schedules, which can be coordinated to meet the requirements of our regular clients. Spending less time establishing how to meet the demands of a project means we can get started right away. Our in-house translator teams allow us to react quickly, work consistently across projects and meet tighter deadlines.

4. Seamless communication

For a large project with a short turnaround time, good communication is a key factor in ensuring a successful outcome. When the translator is in close and direct communication with project managers, IT staff and proofreaders, work suddenly becomes a lot easier.

5. Translation-focused translators

If our in-house translators encounter any technical problems while working, all they have to do is pick up the phone and ask the in-house IT staff to come and take a look at the problem. It’s effortless, saves time, and allows our translators to focus on the task of translating.

6. Dedicated in-house translators in charge of client-specific terminology

Our in-house translators continuously build our multi-term dictionaries and client specific style-guides. Regular team meetings to discuss changing client requirements means our translators ensure consistent terminology across projects and, ultimately, a high level of quality.

7. Coming back to the same translator

When a regular client comes to us with their latest project, it makes sense to use the translator who worked on their previous project. We can’t always predict the schedules of freelance translators, but we can organise the schedules of our in-house staff. This ensures higher quality, since the translator most familiar with a client’s work completes the project. It also eliminates the time needed to bring another translator up-to-date with a client’s requirements.

EVS Translations is uniquely equipped for all kinds of translation projects thanks to its large in-house translator teams. We can react quickly to ensure high-quality and consistent results, while clients benefit from a strong working relationship with our team.