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Trade Convention Interpreters

trade convention interpretersConvention trade needs interpreters
Industry and trade conventions and exhibitions present a golden opportunity for a business. In many ways conventions can allow a business to connect with a broader subsection of the industry, and most importantly, increase sales. Whether it means exhibiting at a local business expo or at a global industry exhibition, businesses are well served to showcase their products and services at trade fairs.

While it is hard to quantify what exact effect attending trade shows and exhibitions had on an individual business, it’s hard to argue with the numbers that are available. In the US alone:

  • There are approximately 1.8 million corporate and business meetings, with an attendance of over 200 million people every single year.
  • These meetings alone have an impact of over $260 billion in spending.
  • The overall economic impact of trade shows and exhibitions is equal to $100 billion boost to the nation’s GDP.

If we also consider that these numbers do not take into account international meetings nor consider economic multipliers and then take into account European and Asian venues the number could easily be tripled.

Think global
A business can no longer be content with serving a customer base that lives within their zip code. The modern business has to think globally and become involved globally. Moreover, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the regular attendance of global conventions. Though the largest of conventions, such as Gastech and the Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition in the energy sector, may feature multinational corporations, they also offer a tremendous opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to better develop and market their products, learn about and take advantage of new techniques and opportunities in the industry, and most importantly broaden their professional network.

Intrepreters know how to say “nozzle valve” in Mandarin
If there are any drawbacks to fully participating in an international exhibition, they are most certainly linguistic in nature. Simply stated, not everyone speaks the same language, and making sure that your “talking points” are properly being conveyed in a foreign language with or without interpreters can be a difficult task. Making a finer point, when it comes to business dealings, it is imperative to make sure that both the overall procedure being agreed upon as well as the roles of each individual player are known and understood. Clearly, this is no place for novice interpreters. In situations like this, where understanding and details are key, a business needs the help of a trusted and respected company with certified interpreters.

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