1 Oct /19

How Does a Translation Management Provider Get a Lawyer to Court on Time?

How Does a Translation Management Provider Get a Lawyer to Court on Time?
How Does a Translation Management Provider Get a Lawyer to Court on Time?

Lawyers charge by the hour to clients who are willing to pay what it takes to get the results they want. Right?

Wrong. Like any sector, law firms are operating under the pressure of various constraints which include time and budget. As these constraints grow tighter, the only way to overcome them is through innovation. When it comes to delivering translations to the legal sector, the language services industry is also having to innovate. No longer can large-scale legal translation be outsourced to multiple providers who further outsource to a ‘location-unknown’-style translator network. This is not translation management, this is chaos.

An international law firm gets ready for court

Last month, an international law firm which EVS Translations UK works with came with an urgent request for the large-scale translation of evidence for a court case. For this type of demand, there is simply no scope for negotiating deadlines – the court case was at the end of the week, so our team had to deliver. How did the law firm receive what it needed?

Translations delivered through artificial intelligence

In this instance, the firm had already identified the critical documents in Spanish to submit as evidence, but this large volume of documentation still had to be prepared in English for the court. The team at EVS Translations UK deployed its neural machine translation engine to rapidly deliver all the evidence in the required language. The engine used has been trained with high-quality data by our translation technology department and operates within a closed-system for optimal data security. The client also opted for post-editing by our in-house translator, which means that this large volume of legal data never left our offices throughout the entirety of the translation workflow. All evidence for submission was delivered to the law firm on time, ready for court.

Machine translation is undeniably a double-edged sword for the language services industry, but for certain types of demand it certainly has its place when executed correctly. For areas such as legal document review, terabytes of data are being translated and searched within exceptionally tight timeframes. Out with the old, in with the new. Tech-driven solutions combined with the expertise of a provider’s extensive in-house team are how you get a lawyer to court on time.

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