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What Does the Work of a Project Manager at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

What Does the Work of a Project Manager at EVS Translations Actually Involve?
What Does the Work of a Project Manager at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

Logically, EVS Translations needs first-rate translators and proofreaders. Nearly 100 are employed in-house. But why does a forward-looking translation company need such a large team – we calculate that it is around 30 worldwide – of project managers?

Quality and fast processing times, which are of huge importance to our customers, are not derived exclusively from the actual translation work. Not in a professional translation company that also handles major multilingual projects for prestigious customers. Without our project managers, nothing would work. They are the ones who coordinate the schedules of our in-house translators and proofreaders to enable our company to respond to customers’ requirements in the best way possible. Where necessary, they work with freelance translators with whom EVS Translations has maintained long-standing partnerships – always with a view to quality and consistency.

The life cycle of a translation project – accompanied by the project manager

Let us start from the beginning. Once a new customer has been acquired, the project manager then works in close collaboration with the salesperson to formulate a tender and review the contract. For existing customers, it is also the project manager who takes care of the complete translation order including price calculation. Work is then distributed to our internal DTP and CAT tool specialists in the Translation Technology department so that they can prepare the documents for translation, sent out to in-house and external translators and proofreaders worldwide, and later sent back to the software specialists for formatting in line with customer requirements. The project manager is responsible for project monitoring as a whole, for adhering to deadlines and for the budget. There are in-house teams of experts for all tasks relating to translation, proofreading and formatting.

Everyone benefits from the successful completion of a translation order

In ongoing projects, the project manager assists the customer as the first point of contact. If the project manager has made it through some sort of roller coaster ride with the customer and, in the end, has nevertheless delivered a high-quality translation on time, this establishes trust. These positive, often long-lasting relationships with existing customers may also be exploited to increase the order volume – the initiative of our project managers knows no bounds!

Requirements and the application process for prospective project managers

Qualifications in the commercial or linguistic sector – or in both – is a good foundation for a project manager at EVS Translations! Linguistic skills in German and English are a must. Being IT-savvy is a desirable quality for maintaining customer platforms, accessing translation documents stored there and generating statistics. Flexibility, a sense of responsibility, the ability to think beyond individual projects and, not least, an aptitude for dealing with customers and colleagues are all important skills for a project manager.

Are you interested in working in project management at EVS Translations? On our careers page you will find an updated list of our job openings. We look forward to receiving your application via our online application portal!

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