12 Jul /12

The global farm

The fact that commerce in the 21st century is truly global in nature is hardly a new thought. We are surrounded my multinational corporations that distribute their goods and brands all over the world. For most of us, however, the global economy is embodied by those manufacturing companies, multi-media giants, and service providers that are instantly recognizable from Atlanta to Zagreb. Hardly ever do we consider the many other industries that underwent a significant global shift over the course of the last decades. One of those global success stories that unfolded largely unnoticed by the public eye is agriculture. An industry that historically is distinctively local in production, distribution, and consumption, agriculture has, in some parts of the world, become a full-fledged global enterprise.

In the U.S., Georgia, for instance, represents a state that generates an agricultural export volume with foreign nations such as Turkey and China well beyond the one billion dollar mark. The agricultural export success of Georgia rests on agricultural goods as diverse as peanuts, cotton, and poultry as well as farming machines and equipment. In order to solidify existing trade relations and broker future deals, a delegation of high ranking Georgia politician and businessmen visited Turkey, one of the state’s most vital agriculture trading partners. As the delegates negotiated a closer cooperation, they also agreed to further cultural and educational exchange between several universities in Georgia and Turkey to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse multinational marketplace.

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