13 Jan /15

Behind the Word of the Day – Desislava Nikolova

After introducing the initiator of the Word of the Day – our Managing Director Edward R. Vick, and one of the authors – Lucy Kikuchi, now we would like you to meet our next author – Desislava Nikolova.

I am Desi Nikolova, an Online Marketing Representative and Social Media Coordinator at EVS Translations. My full name is Desislava and its etymology suggests that I am searching for fame (from Bulgarian it literally translates as “where is fame”). Possibly I could get a piece of it through my regular contributions to our Word of the day series. Where I dive with curiosity into word origins and trace their introduction into the English language, which often has fascinating back stories – of people, cultures, places, history and life.

Following the story of a word resembles taking snapshots of it through times. And as photography is one of my passions, I feel like sharing pictures with the readers, with which try to present the most significant – and at times black and white or vibrantly colorful steps – a word walked through the English language.

My other driving passion is traveling and the constant hunger to explore the world and all its cultures an traditions, tastes, colors and different concepts of how life shall be lived and enjoyed – shared by different nations. I have lived in 3 different countries so far, but have only visited 10% of the world – there is a long way ahead. Yet writing the word of the day is like armchair traveling which at the same time feeds and stimulates my desire for actual exploring.

I hope that you, the readers, are enjoying our linguistic jaunt around the world, and that in the following months we will be traveling together through the last 100 years, chasing the origin of words which celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2015.

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