4 Dec /19

A Successful Week for EVS Translations in Japan!

A Successful Week for EVS Translations in Japan!
A Successful Week for EVS Translations in Japan!

Lucy from our global marketing team recently returned from a visit to Tokyo for EVS Translations. We caught up with her to find out the highlights of her trip.

I worked in Tokyo for six years so I should know the city like the back of my hand by now, but I still found myself lost in Tokyo station one evening completely at a loss on how to get out of there. Tokyo is such a huge city, where buildings stack up within an inch of each other and there is never a lull in the flow of people coming and going, whatever the time of day.

It was an absolute privilege to visit Japan on behalf of EVS Translations and I have always loved the fact that this company is truly international. My task was to meet with existing clients and some new businesses to discuss translation requirements.

The role of translation technology

During the various meetings, I spoke quite a lot about terminology management. People from outside the translation industry often underestimate how software-driven the work of translation is (that’s even before we get onto the topic of machine translation and deep learning). Managing large volumes of content over different languages so that terminology remains consistent and so that content assets can be quickly updated in the future requires human expertise but also specialist software. Expert translators are essential for a high-quality translation, yes, but software enhances the process to deliver long-term productivity gains.

EVS Translations works with businesses which usually require upwards of ten languages per order, so content must be managed correctly from the get-go to avoid the costly snowball effect of deviations in style and terminology. Language is subjective and different markets require different solutions, so we advocate relationships based on clear communication, regular feedback and good preparation. An element of client collaboration is key.

Translations as part of a global process

My first morning in Tokyo began with a trip up to the top of a glittering skyscraper in the heart of the city. I met a very successful businessman preparing for a press conference; the topic of our meeting, in part, relating to a report EVS Translations had recently translated for his firm. This is what I love most about the translation industry: being part of a process which facilitates the connection between businesses and trade in diverse areas of the globe. Content starts life in one language, then goes on to create impact or drive a result in another part of the globe. Meeting the people who bring context to our translation work is always a pleasure.

After a week in Tokyo, commuting into the city every day, I returned home. Nottingham is tiny in comparison but sometimes it’s light relief to exit the urban sprawl.

As long as I can go back again soon.

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