20 Dec /21

Our Christmas present to clients and partners in 2021: A donation to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

When our former colleague Thomas Schmidt handed in his notice last year, we were all pretty flabbergasted.

Why didn’t he want to work for EVS Translations anymore?

Did he receive an offer that he couldn’t refuse?

Not quite. Though in some ways, yes.

He announced that he would be going on an adventure – possibly the adventure of his life.

Shortly after, he sat on a plane to Costa Rica.

In the middle of the pandemic.

His destination: The Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

He swapped his desk for a rake – or a quad.

In the months that followed he shared many photos, some of which were of macaws.

The macaw has been EVS Translations‘ mascot for years. More specifically, a blue-and-gold macaw (Ara ararauna). Its blue and gold plumage inspired the colour selection of our logo.

Blue and gold macawsAnd then we knew: Our Christmas donation 2021 goes to the Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center. This organisation helps animals in need.

“The vast majority of animals who come to us are orphans or injured animals who have no where else to turn. We do everything possible to save them and return them back to the wild where they belong” explains Dr. Isabel Hagnauer, Chief Veterinarian.

For a few years now, EVS Translations has been forgoing Christmas presents for its clients. Besides all the compliance policies, sustainability and a sense of purpose play an important role in this decision.

This is why we’re donating in our clients‘ names to an organisation that lies close to our heart.

What does the Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center use the donations for?

For 25.00 USD (about 19.00 GBP), a macaw can be fed for one month.

80.00 USD provides a howler monkey with food for one month.

An Ocelot needs 150.00 USD to be nourished.

For 80.00 USD the rescue center can buy a camera to observe the animals.

300.00 USD finances a drill for building swings and bridges for the animals.

What’s left will be invested in projects for the center. For example, maintenence.

nesting areas for parrotsWhat’s left will be invested in projects for the center. For example, maintenence or the construction of nesting areas for parrots. A good project for Thomas. He also invents new toys for the animals, prepares the food and cleans the living areas. With 800 animals on average, that can be a lot of work. “But sometimes there are a lot more”, says Dennis Janik, Executive Director at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center: “We rescue over 3,000 animals every year and the vast majority we are able to return to the wild”.

“We make a commitment to every animal that comes through our doors: if they are too sick, injured or used to people to be returned to the wild, we will take care of them for the rest of their lives”, explains Fernando Diaz, Sanctuary Manager.

To support this important work, this year’s Christmas present to our clients comes in form of a donation.

For the ones who still need a last-minute present, the Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center has got a special Christmas wish: An x-ray machine.

You can make a donation via the site GoFundMe.

On Amazon you’ll find other useful wishes.

Blue and gold macawsThe best thing is: Everyone can take part!

We’re wishing all our clients and business partners happy holidays!

Thank you for partnering with us.


Your EVS Translations team