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Consulting Management – How to Place Translation Orders, the Intelligent Way

The translation industry is undergoing a period of change – on the one hand, professionalisation of the translation industry is making it easier to choose a suitable model for allocating orders; on the other hand, the variety of different translation services on offer is making it all the more difficult to decide. Shedding some light on the issue, EVS Translations advises companies of all sizes regarding their individual translation requirements and works with them to find solutions to support their international market presence.

Your translation management – let’s take stock

Put your current system for processing and placing translation orders to the test. Does it still meet your requirements for the quality of your international communications?

Here are eight questions you should ask yourself:

1) Is the volume of translations still the same, or has it increased/decreased?

2) Do you require greater or fewer translations than before?

3) How often do you request translations?

4) Are translations ordered by a central office for all departments or by each individual department?

5) Do you have enough employees to meet the demands of preparing and placing translation orders?

6) Is there sufficient expertise in the company to manage translation projects internally?

7) How long is your supply chain? Do you work with freelance translators or with a translation company equipped with a team of in-house translators?

8) What are the long-term goals of your international corporate strategy?

Optimise translation processes, reduce the potential for risk

Every translation order poses potential risks: Don’t risk your sensitive translation documents and data falling into the wrong hands. EVS Translations would be happy to advise you of the technical and organisational measures for data protection and data security that you should keep in mind when selecting a translation company and placing translation orders. One feature to look out for is the in-house concept, in which the language service provider has permanent translators in its employ. The advantages: 1) Knowledge of the content to be translated is restricted to a small number of people. 2) Data is not sent back and forth, and is instead kept at EVS Translations. 3) Using the same translator at all times guarantees an even higher level of consistency, ensuring that the style and corporate language remain standardised across different translations. You can streamline your translation processes, too, to rule out other weak links. The shorter the supply chain, the lower the potential for risk.

Dr Florian Schwieger – Head of Global Sales, EVS Translations
Dr Florian Schwieger – Head of Global Sales, EVS Translations

I’m keen to provide you with factual and objective advice. Together, we can find the perfect translation management solution for you. Working with our own specialised departments for law, IT, terminology, marketing & SEO, project management and translation, I would be happy to advise you based on your individual translation needs. Call me on +49 (0) 69 82 97 99 47 or use our contact form! I look forward to hearing from you.