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Translation Management and Consulting Services

Requirements analysis, job assignment, translation, proofreading, terminology management & DTP – all from a single source.

Translation Management – Consultancy

Do you have large translation projects time and time again, but do not have the in-house resources to be able to plan and assign the translations?

Would you prefer to focus on your core skills, and translations, even though they are a necessary part of this, are complicated to assign?

Would you like to update your content manager system (CMS) without compromising your translations work flow?

Are you already working with terminology management systems (TMS) and translation memory tools, but are certain that everything could be easier and more efficient – it is just a question of how?

Would you like to receive translations and invoices in one bundle and retrieve them over a cloud-based network solution for order processing such as Plunet BusinessManager, Across Language Server, SDL World Server, Covisint or SAP Ariba?

If at least one of the above issues applies to you, then you have come to the right place at EVS Translations – we provide you with professional advice and work with you to find a cost-effective and goal-orientated solution for your translation needs.

Process-Orientated Solutions for Your Translation Project

As a translation expert, we advise you on how you can create new processes or fine-tune existing ones. At the same time, you profit from our 25 years of experience of working with various translation technologies. Furthermore, we provide you with support for system migrations and system improvements.

As a partner, it is important to us that you shape your processes optimally – as this means that we can then process your translations quickly and efficiently.

Translation Service from Software Experts

Our experts in the area of translation technology work individually in your system – regardless of whether it is Content Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Supplier Management. Avoid delivery delays and additional administrative effort – with the help of our software experts for translations.

Translations are unique – and so are your company processes and business needs. We tailor an individual solution for you and your translation project and accompany you through the process.

Reduce your organizational effort and save time and money thanks to professional advice, innovative translations tools, and process-orientated work flows. 

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