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The Quality of Your Products and Services Reflected in Your Content

Great marketing translation can make the difference between 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe'. To be engaging and authentic, and to protect the integrity of your brand overseas, your translated content must match the professional standard of your original content. Poorly localized content feels clunky (at best). EVS Translations works with clients to ensure marketing content always meets the expectations and requirements of the intended audience. Marketing translation - and more broadly, content localization - requires a mix of cultural adaptation, the ability to solve technical localization issues and proper content management strategies. Style, tone of voice and terminology should remain consistent across all languages now and in the future. This is how to create seamless and engaging global content which drives audience interest.

Marketing Translation for Print and Digital Assets

We offer:

  • Translation, or transcreation to ensure effective cultural adaptation
  • SEO keyword analysis to optimize target language copy
  • Desktop publishing for print and digital content assets
  • Website localization
  • Video localization to create engaging global video content

Brand style guides and reference materials are integrated into the translation software environment and we continuously build client glossaries in each language. This guarantees maximum consistency over projects, as well as adherence to style, tone and terminology. We deliver marketing translations from and into English, as well as in many other language combinations.

Marketing Translation and Translation Technology

The translation technology team at EVS Translations comprises of 25 employees based across our European and US offices. They ensure that we can integrate with your company's preferred systems and that we deliver not only creative content but finished products, such as fully localized videos and websites.



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