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Machine Translation Solutions

Machine translation solutions that meet requirements for quality tolerance and data-security.

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Machine Translation Services

The accelerated pace of communication heightens the demand for professional translation services. As human-centered translation workflows struggle to keep up, machine translation increasingly becomes a tool of choice for large scale projects, especially those with tight deadlines.

High volume demand and time-to-market pressures mean rapid and low-cost machine translation solutions have their place in the translation mix. When deployed in the right way, MT can provide greater efficiency while lowering costs and improving productivity.

But MT may not be the optimal solution for every translation project. The team at EVS Translations can discuss your company's objectives to determine whether an MT solution will be effective.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Security – EVS Translations operates a secure closed-system for machine translation (no access from third-parties, as opposed to open-source tools). 
  • Higher-quality output - the engines are trained with high-quality data.
  • Proprietary machines – EVS Translations works with its own machine engines. These can be further optimized and trained with customer-specific content.
  • In-house translator teams at 8 global locations – for human post editing of raw MT output.
  • ISO 18587 compliance – EVS Translations has been audited for Post-editing of machine translation output.

EVS Translations can create a custom-tailored bespoke machine translation solution that will meet your corporate requirements for quality tolerance and data-security. 

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  • Machine TranslationFile Size: 438 KBInternationalization is a key driver for growth for many businesses. But being present in multiple overseas markets creates a huge demand for the exchange and delivery of information across multiple languages.

If your business would like to find out more about machine translation, call our Atlanta team or use the contact form.