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How can a machine translation service help my business?

As businesses seek to grow their presence in overseas markets, human-centred workflows struggle to keep pace. Machine translation is a rapid and low-cost alternative that helps businesses to scale demand for multilingual content. Automate translation production to keep costs under control while improving time-to-market for content.

How accurate is machine translation?

There are pros and cons to machine translation.

Content translated by a machine may lack the fluidity and finesse of human translation, but machine translation can solve problems of volume, time and cost. It's important to look at the objectives for an individual project or for your business's long-term content strategy. Advances in neural machine translation technology, however, make translation automation an attractive option.


  • Rapid automation of translation production speeds up time to market
  • Low cost when compared with human translation
  • Perfect for gist understanding
  • Effective for content with very repetitive and technical terminology
  • Suitable for urgent and large projects


  • May not be suitable for content going into the public domain, such as creative content
  • Certain languages still lack high-quality training data, so the quality of the output is lower
  • Low quality output may require extensive post-editing (see below)
  • Using open source tools for machine translation makes data vulnerable to third parties


          Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

          Machine translation post-editing (MTPE) allows your business to meet objectives for time and cost, while providing an opportunity to enhance the final quality. EVS Translations is certified accroding to ISO 18587 Post-editing of Machine Translation Output. Our in-house translators edit the raw machine output according to your quality requirements.

          Develop a customised machine translation solution

          At EVS Translations, machine translation can be used for stand-alone projects with or without post-editing by our in-house translators. Server- and cloud-based options are also available. These keep data in a secure environment, which is not accessible by third parties.

          If necessary, machine translation technology can be further integrated into a business's content workflows. Align AI solutions with current translation and QA processes, then customise further. Businesses can partner with EVS Translations to develop a client-specific engine and solution, including an instant translation tool for internal communications, worldwide.

          Speak with our translation technology team today

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          We know that integrating machine translation technology into your existing content workflows is no easy feat. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach, so our translation technology team is here to help. They are a team of 25 experts based across our European and US offices. Speak with them about your organisation's goals surrounding global content. They can answer any questions, guide you through workflows and develop a solution that fits your business.

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