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Health and safety for everyone with accurate translations

It is important for all your workers to fully understand health and safety regulations. Language barriers should not hinder their right to work in a safe environment, be fully compliant and trained to work with machinery, or to fully understand the impact of their actions in a working environment. EVS Translations works with corporate HR departments, Not for Profit organisations and health and safety officers to deliver accurate information in all the languages they need.

EVS Translations regularly handles the following kinds of health and safety documents:

  • HSE alerts
  • Safety process descriptions
  • Data sheets
  • E-learning
  • Risk assessments
  • User manuals

Meeting the demand for digital health and safety translations

Some of our work in health and safety translation involves supporting companies to deliver awareness campaigns across social media. Whether you plan to run an interactive health and safety questionnaire on social media channels or you need subtitled video for e-learning on your website, our linguistic and technical teams help you to launch successfully, whatever the language or platform.

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