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Why does my document need proofreading?

Proofreaders form part of the quality assurance process at EVS Translations. Watch this video and find out how our translators work together with proofreaders to deliver high-quality content to businesses around the world.

A second pair of eyes to secure quality

Once your document has been translated, it is passed to one of our expert proofreaders - a trained and experienced translator. The proofreader performs a series of detailed checks while reading the entire document and comparing it with the original. This phase of the translation process is essential to guarantee accuracy and consistency across the document.

“We’ll just check the translation at our end”

Combining expert linguistic skills with the right software solutions forms the basis of EVS Translations’ highly effective quality assurance process. Our proofreaders use of state-of-the-art Translation Memory software, which contains a client’s previously translated projects, reference materials, corporate-specific glossaries for preferred terminology, and any style guides. At EVS Translations, proofreaders are trained to check a document meticulously, but they also use software to enhance the process further by accessing the translation memory while they work.

Our commitment to continuous improvement

The linguistic department at EVS Translations regularly holds feedback reviews to assess translation quality and ensure the on-going professional development of translators. This forms one part of our greater strategy for quality control and continuous improvement. 

If you would like to discuss any upcoming requirements, please call us or use our enquiry form.

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