Technical translation service

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Technical translation service

Providing technical content across print and digital media in multiple languages

Technical translations

Accurately translated content makes products more user-friendly and helps global stakeholders to stay properly informed. With in-house linguistic and technical teams, and a strong project management, EVS Translations is trusted supplier to many leading manufacturers. We help businesses recreate their technical content assets across print and digital media for overseas markets. 


Friendly and professional Service

Our solution to technical translations for your documents is multifaceted, combining rigorous quality standards and continual work process improvement. Our team of project managers, qualified engineering linguists, Desktop Publishing specialists and translation technology experts offers the following:

Do you have specific questions regarding your technical translation project? Simply give us a call on +44-115-9 64 42 88. We look forward to hearing from you.

Technical document translations

We translate the following technical documents:

In-house translators

"Almost a quarter of a million words for a leading global energy company. The subject was fire safety at power plants. Powers plants have to comply with various industry standards with respect to technical and electrical equipment, plant layout, fire safety and detection measures, evacuation plans and staff fire safety training. The project involved a series of reports written by an inspection body assessing the condition of the plants and issuing recommendations to enhance fire safety.

In-house translators worked together as a team to ensure consistent terminology usage on an ongoing basis. A list of the most important terms and acronyms was created by the team and sent to the client for approval. As the project progressed, the translations were proofread against the original language by a technical specialist who provided specialist feedback. The result was a high-quality, consistent translation encompassing all the client's preferred terminology. The glossary confirmed by the client will be integrated into processes for future translations."

Project Manager, EVS Translations

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