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EVS Translations‘ transcription services have grown in response to an increasing need for documented communications between stakeholders, clients and suppliers, as well as corporations and the media. Transcription is a common requirement across many business sectors to cover events including press conferences and business meetings.

Transcribers are selected according to their subject specialism to guarantee a coherent and professional final text. It can be performed onsite, remotely or upon receiving video or audio files. Content is transcribed to produce a final version which is accurate both in terms of technical terminology and linguistic detail. 

EVS Translations offers the following types of transcription:

  • In person – e.g. panel meetings, legal transcription for court hearings
  • Via internet or phone – e.g. business negotiations, an interview transcript of media conferences

Based on audio or video files – send us the format of your choice and we’ll deliver it back in the final format that you need

Data security

Projects frequently involve sensitive corporate information. Our sophisticated data security measures are enhanced by our long-term partnership with an external and fully-certified ISO 27001 computer centre in Germany. The EVS Translations‘ in-house I.T. team can provide additional security details appropriate to the level of sensitivity.

EVS Translations can deliver a range of multilingual transcription services to suit your business needs.

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