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Energy translation service

Accuracy on large volumes for energy producers, utility companies, manufacturers, and consultancies.

Working with great clients drives our success

To be a successful Translations Provider to clients in the energy sector requires flexibility, streamlined communication, scalability and an expert team of translators experienced in energy projects. This is why EVS Translations continues to attract some of the biggest names in this sector, and it is this experience that drives the quality we deliver to you. 

Experience across the corporate spectrum

Our clients include leading E&P companies, environmental consultancies, manufacturing companies and even law firms working within the energy sector. We’ve delivered Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in French, Social Impact Assessments (SIA) in Greenlandic, tender submissions, power plant health & safety regulations and marketing collateral for events. A wealth of experience in documentation for leading businesses in the energy sector means EVS Translations know how to deliver quality, on time. 

What is an ‘expert translator’?

At EVS Translations our translators have excellent academic credentials and proven professional translation experience. But this is only a basic foundation. Translators assigned to energy projects work consistently in this area to maximise their knowledge of this particular field, its concepts and terminology. They are also highly adept with translation software accessing your corporate specific glossaries and terminology databases during a live translation project to guarantee the quality of the final content. 

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Oil and Gas Translation
Renewable Energy Translation

Project feature: complex technical manuals into Russian, Chinese and Spanish

EVS Translations translated 22 user manuals and maintenance manuals including those for a software system we use in exploration surveys and reservoir surveys. So it involved hardware installation instructions, compliance information and testing instructions all translated from English into Russian, Chinese and Spanish. It was a big job but we got it back on time and with everything as we wanted it. The team at EVS made glossaries for each language which we checked and approved before the translation started and the team here was certainly very satisfied with the accuracy and presentation of the information contained in the final documents.

Client from a global oilfields services company

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