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The demand for multilingual communications and information is growing exponentially. As multiple languages become strategic to global businesses, they turn to EVS Translations for sophisticated translation services that can be scaled. French translation for major banks, German to English translation for law firms, or Japanese translation for manufacturers. Our unique in-house teams across all project critical areas make com­plex and diverse content accessible to all of your global stakeholders, whichever languages they speak. We work with businesses from Nottingham to London and from Berlin to Seoul. How can we help you today?

Professional management of your content over multiple languages

Translating content into multiple languages can be complicated. It requires careful coordination of multi-disciplinary teams and expert use of translation technologies. What’s more, different languages present different layout and design challenges, so a solid understanding of the technical issues that may arise is essential. EVS Translations implements content management strategies to ensure the multilingual content we deliver is an asset, not a drain on resources. From German English translation to Chinese translation, from 5 languages to 20, we’ve got you covered.

One of the leading translation companies in Europe - with a bespoke approach to language

At the heart of what we do is the art of translation, itself. That is why we hire and train the best translator talent to work as permanent in-house members of our team. They understand what our clients want and care about their content. 

EVS Translations has one of the industry’s largest German translation and French translation teams, as well as many other in-house languages. For less in-demand languages, we partner with globally-located translation partners who are audited by us to ensure quality and reliability. This allows us much greater control over resources, quality and timeframes.

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Welcome to your global translation technology team

Our translation technology specialists worldwide prepare your documents so translators can work on them in the CAT tool environment. This includes converting PDF documents into the appropriate compatible format. Following the translation phase, our translation technology experts then prepare the translated content for delivery in your preferred choice of final format.

Your content delivered in the final format that you need – it’s that simple

EVS Translations knows that expert content is only completely successful if it is presented with a professional finish. Our translation technology experts work with virtually all file types to deliver expert translated content with a great final presentation, across print and digital.

The mistake is to approach your business translation demand unsystematically. Our teams manage your content professionally using the latest tools for content management, so it becomes an asset, not a drain on resources.

Contact us for more advice. We looking forward to hearing from you.

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