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The demand for multilingual communications and information is growing exponentially. As multiple languages become strategic to global businesses, they turn to EVS Translations for sophisticated translation services that can be scaled. Our unique in-house teams across all project critical areas, including translation and translation technology, make com­plex and diverse content accessible to all of your global stakeholders.


The in-house translator team at EVS Translations

At the heart of what we do is the art of translation. That is why we hire and train the best translator talent to work as permanent in-house members of our team. They understand what our clients want and care about their content. This in-house approach gives us greater control over resources, quality and timeframes. For less in-demand languages, we work with carefully selected partners who are audited by us to ensure quality and reliability.

Our translation technology team

Our translation technology team ensures integration with your company's preferred systems. They also ensure translators can work quickly and efficiently in the 'CAT tool' environment (Computer Assisted Translation tool). Whether it's subtitles, voice-over recordings or content for digital brochures, the team prepares all content for delivery in the client's required final format. We work with virtually all file types to deliver translated content with a great final presentation, across print and multimedia formats.

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Translation services for print and multimedia content

Translating content into multiple languages requires careful coordination of multi-disciplinary teams and expert use of translation technologies. What’s more, different languages present different localisation challenges, so a solid understanding of the issues that may arise is essential. EVS Translations uses the right strategies to ensure the success of your business's multilingual content.

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