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Project Management

Robust translation management for global business

How project managers at EVS Translations help you

Robust management of the entire life-cycle of a translation project is essential. Project managers at EVS Translations are experienced in coordinating high-volume and diverse translation demand. Watch this video to learn how our project managers coordinate multidisciplinary teams across translation and translation technology to get the best results on your multilingual content.

One dedicated project manager, one globally connected project management team

The project management team at EVS Translations coordinates our multidisciplinary in-house teams throughout the life-cycle of a project, monitoring and controling each phase. These teams provide uninterrupted coverage on your projects to deliver quality at scale even within tight timeframes. Working to streamlined work processes and ISO certified Quality Management standards, individual project managers communicate specific requirements to the wider team, and are here to consult and advise - they can recommend improvements on the client-side, where appropriate to do so.  They also ensure that the quality of translated content is maintained over the long-term overseeing correct implementation of terminology management and client feedback.

Project management software provides support in documenting and monitoring delivery times. It also enables detailed process tracking of the individual working steps and in real time.

To learn more about how we manage your projects to deliver a successful outcome for your work call EVS Translations UK.

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