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  • Unbabel LangOps: Simple, Transparent, Trusted TranslationsFile Size: 1 MBDesigned for professionals in marketing, content, eCommerce, and customer service, Unbabel combines AI with prompt human reviews to streamline the translation of high-volume content. Explore further – check out the one-pager!
  • Life science translationsFile Size: 58 KBProfessional translations for the life science industry are recognisable by exact terminology demands, particular legal standards, and certification requirements. The challenge: translators with established terminology expertise are rare.
  • Legal translation servicesFile Size: 273 KBInternational law firms, patent attorneys and corporate legal departments partner with EVS Translations because our global team meets demand for quality, reliability and security.
  • Machine translation servicesFile Size: 445 KBBeing present in multiple overseas markets creates a huge demand for the exchange and delivery of information across multiple languages. Finding a translation services provider that can scale-up a comprehensive set of services is essential, but solutions powered by artificial intelligence must now take their place in the translation mix.
  • Sustainability reporting and CSR translation servicesFile Size: 1 MBOur in-house team helps listed companies as well as SMEs to tailor their translation efforts for reporting. A customisable all-in-one reporting solution helps businesses to communicate with global stakeholders consistently and enables them to make informed decisions in their own language.
  • Sports translation servicesFile Size: 462 KBSports connects billions of people around the globe but how do major sports organisations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?
  • Tax translation servicesFile Size: 162 KBAuditors do not forgive translation errors – so for taxrelated documents choosing the right translation service provider is crucial.
  • Energy translation servicesFile Size: 354 KBOur clients include leading E&P companies, environmental consultancies, manufacturing companies and even law firms working within the energy sector. We’ve delivered Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in French, Social Impact Assessments (SIA), tender submissions, health & safety regulations and marketing collateral for events.
  • Real estate translation servicesFile Size: 765 KBOur in-house team of specialist translators works with terminology specific to the construction and real estate industries. They have years of experience in translating contracts and tenders, as well as financial and technical information.
  • Unlocking the new era of machine translationFile Size: 679 KBIn a world where AI is changing the game, Marketers ask themselves, which is the best MT model? How do I know it's good enough for my programs? This e-book is the key to understanding the power of machine translation and large language models. Download this eBook to learn how to successfully navigate the world of machine translation and leverage it as part of your marketing.
  • Translations for the defence & security industryFile Size: 5 MBOur clients include manufacturers of state-of-the-art air defense systems for the global defence market, leading providers of technology for surveillance systems and products and companies from the defence supply chain.
  • Video localisation servicesFile Size: 279 KBOur video localisation and creative teams combine technical and linguistic expertise to produce video that is effortless for international audiences to watch. We work with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro, as well as other leading video editing and motion graphics software programs.
  • Website localisation and International SEOFile Size: 418 KBDelivering an authentic digital experience across your international markets requires a sophisticated approach to the localisation process, which moves beyond classic translation.
  • Football internationalisationFile Size: 165 KBFootball connects billions of people around the globe but how do major football organisations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?
  • Compliance translation servicesFile Size: 772 KBCompliance with Codes of Conduct, IFRS guidelines, FCPA, or product safety regulations protects your company and its image in the long-term.
  • Technical translation servicesFile Size: 173 KBCertified technical translations in nearly every language combination for mechanical engineering, plant engineering, planning studies, documentation, and distribution materials.