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Downloads and brochures

  • Company brochureFile Size: 3 MBRead through the EVS Translations company brochure to discover how our services and products can assist you.
  • Machine translation servicesFile Size: 445 KBBeing present in multiple overseas markets creates a huge demand for the exchange and delivery of information across multiple languages. Finding a translation services provider that can scale-up a comprehensive set of services is essential, but solutions powered by artificial intelligence must now take their place in the translation mix.
  • Sports translation servicesFile Size: 462 KBSports connects billions of people around the globe but how do major sports organisations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?
  • Tax translation servicesFile Size: 162 KBAuditors do not forgive translation errors – so for taxrelated documents choosing the right translation service provider is crucial.
  • Energy translation servicesFile Size: 354 KBOur clients include leading E&P companies, environmental consultancies, manufacturing companies and even law firms working within the energy sector. We’ve delivered Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in French, Social Impact Assessments (SIA), tender submissions, health & safety regulations and marketing collateral for events.
  • Real estate translation servicesFile Size: 765 KBOur in-house team of specialist translators works with terminology specific to the construction and real estate industries. They have years of experience in translating contracts and tenders, as well as financial and technical information.
  • Video localisationFile Size: 265 KBTake your video content global - with voice-over, subtitling and transcription services from EVS Translations.
  • Website localisation and International SEOFile Size: 418 KBDelivering an authentic digital experience across your international markets requires a sophisticated approach to the localisation process, which moves beyond classic translation.
  • Football internationalisationFile Size: 165 KBFootball connects billions of people around the globe but how do major football organisations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?
  • Compliance translation servicesFile Size: 772 KBCompliance with Codes of Conduct, IFRS guidelines, FCPA, or product safety regulations protects your company and its image in the long-term.
  • Technical translation servicesFile Size: 173 KBCertified technical translations in nearly every language combination for mechanical engineering, plant engineering, planning studies, documentation, and distribution materials.
  • Life sciences translation servicesFile Size: 447 KBProfessional medical translations provided by experts with extensive translation experience in pharmaceuticals, medicine, and life sciences for package inserts, medical reports, PROs, data sheets, etc.