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Frequently Asked Questions


Audience: EVS Translations Customers

What are the advantages for me?

The partnership with Unbabel elevates EVS Translations to the next level of translation service providers and enables us to provide you with the best possible mix of cutting-edge tech solutions and the premium quality human translations that EVS is known for within a secure environment.


What are the new solutions you can offer us?

This partnership was entered into to add value to you, our customers, which include:

  • A Language Operations platform that combines the unremitting quality of EVS Translations with the speed and efficiency of machine translation, enabling you to deliver a consistent experience across the entire customer journey
  • An expanded platform of workflows to meet your growing needs
  • Increased and faster response time and efficiency, enabling you to achieve reduced costs and time to translate


Unbabel is a US company? Will my data be transferred to the USA?

All existing data security agreements will, of course, be honoured and the stringent data security policies EVS Translations stands for will remain intact. Most importantly data storage will continue to be exercised in Germany and all our certified data processing workflows will also remain in place, protecting your privacy as we always have.


Will my data be handled in compliance with GDPR?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, Unbabel’s expertise will allow us to add additional layers of security to our processes.


My projects are not to leave Germany. Can you guarantee that?

Yes, if you require us to handle all project steps in Germany, we can guarantee that. 


Can you process high-security projects on a closed server environment?

Yes, we will be able to continue to offer high-security solutions, such as closed server workflows and even on-site translations for data rooms. In fact, our partnership with Unbabel will allow us to expand these offering.


Can you perform high-security translations on-site for us?

Yes. Unbabel is wholly committed to preserving the availability, confidentiality and integrity of our physical assets and information assets, and ultimately our customer data.  We have implemented Information Security Policies, procedures and controls that are in alignment with ISO 27001 standards. 



Will my data be used for machine learning?

No data will be used for MT learning without consent and anonymisation.


Will I lose my accounting integration (for example to SAP)?

No. We will, in fact, be able to offer additional APIs and automations to further simplify the translation and invoicing workflow.


Will I still have a dedicated account manager?

Your dedicated account manager, translators and translation engineers will continue to be here for you.


Will there be any changes in our daily process of submitting files, requesting quotes and submitting orders?

Nothing will change in the way you order projects, request quotes, or receive your invoices. In addition to established processes, we will introduce exciting new translation and localisation options, such as our Language Operations solution. 


Will all the certifications EVS Translations holds (ISO 17100, 9001, 18587, Tisax etc.) still be valid?

Yes, all existing certifications will remain in place. Besides these certifications Unbabel also holds ISO 27001 certification which guarantees the preservation of the availability, confidentiality and integrity of our physical assets and information assets, and ultimately our customer data. 

I need my translation /post-editing to be done by the same translator as last time. Will there be dedicated translators/translator teams for my projects who translate my projects every time?

Yes. the same translator(s) who have been performing your translations will continue to work on your projects. We realise the importance of specialised teams to meet the highest quality requirements. Joining Unbabel will, in fact, increase our capacities and ability to form scalable teams in areas we may have not been able to do so in the past.


Can I order different quality levels when placing an order?

 Yes, you can order from the whole spectrum of quality levels available.


Can I order human translation in accordance with ISO 17100 (Four eye-principle)?

Absolutely, translations in accordance with ISO 17100 will remain at the centre of our translations offering.


What are the qualifications of your translators?

All of our linguists are native speakers of the target language they translate into, and we have a wide range of subject-matter experts. Our in-house translators have a degree in translation studies (or comparable degree) and a minimum of 5 years’ experience in an in-house setting. Both our in-house translators and external contributors undergo on-going internal and external training and are supervised and mentored by senior linguists. 


What are the qualifications of your post-editors?

Our post-editors are specifically trained linguists who are experienced in implementing the requirements of the ISO 18587, an industry wide norm that defines the requirements for mono- and bilingual post-editing standards. As an ISO 18587 certified company we strictly adhere to its quality requirements and continuously train our linguists accordingly.


Can I be sure that all translators are native speakers and professional translators?

Yes. If you order a professional translation, you can be sure that the work will be performed by a professional linguist and native speaker.


Is your post-editing process in accordance with ISO 18587?

Yes. All post-editing is performed in accordance with ISO 18587 requirements.


Are your translators utilising the latest annual reporting terminology (HGB and IFRS)?

Absolutely. Aided by our terminology department, our translators utilise the latest financial reporting terminology. We even compile, maintain, and update our own financial reporting glossaries and references for the different reporting standards and markets.


How do you ensure that reference materials are adhered to in the translation workflow?

Our translation workflows fully integrate glossary maintenance and terminology management. In addition, we implement, and regularly update, client reference materials that are utilised by the translators as additional resources.