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Website translation

Engage your global consumers with a compelling digital experience

Create an effective international sales tool

Your business' website is a major investment and a critical component of the marketing mix. And if your company is actively pursuing business opportunities in new overseas markets, a well-executed foreign language version can support future growth. For this a site needs professionally translated content which will engage the target audience and reflect the quality of the company’s brand and products. It will also benefit from a more strategic approach to website translation which factors in Search Engine Opimisation and the performance of your translated keywords in the target market.

EVS Translations supports businesses by delivering high-quality website translations with additional solutions to suit specific business goals. Our linguistic, technical and marketing teams can help take your website international.

From one landing page to your entire site

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Webseitenübersetzung - EVS Translations

If you are ready for full-scale translation of your website, we can assemble a team of translators to work on your content in line with your lead times. They can work with your downloaded files or directly into your Content Management System. On a tight budget? Tell us which you think are the priority landing pages for your business and we can start from there. 

Thinking strategically about website translation

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SEO Konzept auf Serviette - Webseitenübersetzung einfach gemacht

EVS Translations can translate your content including all keywords, but do better alternatives exist in the local target market that could improve results from organic searches? Our in-house Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts will analyse your keywords and Google Ads in the target language. They may make recommendations for your approval, which can then be implemented into the translation process for fully optimised content.

Keep your content fresh across languages

To achieve a better search engine ranking, foreign language content needs to be kept up-to-date. Our project managers will implement workflows so these can be handled quickly and effortlessly while ensuring consistency with previously translated content. 

Blogs, social media and e-mail campaigns - our own in-house translators are here to work on your content updates for a quick turnaround. For e-commerce, we can regularly update the product listings so your consumers get the latest information.

A German hotel goes international

We've just finished a multilingual website translation for a German Hotel which needed its site in English, French and Italian. The consultation period was limited to 10 hours, plus translation - enough time for keyword analysis and the placement of key traffic drivers on specified landings pages. The site is now up and running and it's looking great.

- Account manager, EVS Translations

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