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Data security

Compliance with the latest data protection regulations for a secure translation workflow

How does EVS Translations manage data security?

Data security is becoming an increasingly complex challenge for businesses as they seek to reduce risk, comply with regulations, and maintain customer confidence. The situation can be further complicated by an international supply chain of vendors which must also fulfill a stringent set of data protection and security measures. Global companies partner with EVS Translations because of its robust approach to data security.

Watch this video to find out how we process your content for translation while ensuring your data is secure.

Security measures can be scaled up according to specific client requirements

We have a long-established internal IT department, which includes designated staff to manage the security of our clients‘ data. This team can upscale measures or design bespoke solutions for your business. What’s more, EVS Translations partners with an ISO-certified data storage facility in Germany to create a powerful data security solution.

“For a company operating in the technology sector, we arranged for e-mails to be exchanged via the client's secure e-mail portal. The following data transfer, meaning the remittance/transmission and delivery of translation orders, takes place via a VPN connection directly from the client’s server. The access was restricted to a clearly defined team of permanently employed in-house project managers, translation engineers and translators. Working closely with the client, prior to the translation process, our team was able to create a data security plan that satisfied all involved.”

                                                                                                                                                                             - Jochen Bettgens, IT Manager at EVS Translations

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

EVS Translations fulfils all specifications for GDPR. This includes:

  • Strict requirements for handling personal data
  • E-mails are encrypted as standard
  • Strict regulations on storage and destruction periods
  • Rigorous documentation requirements
  • Access to databases is restricted and documented

To find out more about how EVS Translations structures its translation workflows to comply with the latest data security regulations call us or use our contact form.

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