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What Does the Work of an IT Support Employee at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

What Does the Work of an IT Support Employee at EVS Translations Actually Involve?
What Does the Work of an IT Support Employee at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

Few other sectors are shaped by as many rapid developments as IT (short for information technology). This means that a company’s IT landscape has to be regularly evaluated and adapted to new technological developments, security requirements and customer needs. This would already suggest that there’s a lot for an IT employee to do at a translation company such as EVS Translations, but let’s take a closer look.

Trouble-free company operations and satisfied users

The IT department installs, maintains and secures all hardware and software for the branches of EVS Translations, both in Germany and abroad. This includes servers used worldwide, the telephone system and internet access with VPN connections. Updates and other technical measures are managed centrally – and via remote maintenance for international locations. Our IT department is responsible for no less than the smooth operation of the company!

IT support employees assist all employees of EVS Translations worldwide with their queries regarding information technology and telecommunications. Their services are required before new employees even join the company to set up the respective workstations (including PCs and telephones) and to create user, exchange and file transfer accounts. As part of our company’s normal day-to-day work, which is rather IT-heavy, the ‘IT brigade’ offers user support for the programs we use and helps colleagues with both minor and major problems. This can take place in person on site, as the IT department has a contact person to provide support in all branches, or remotely via telephone.

Data security, GDPR and beyond – always at work for our customers

It’s not only internally that EVS Translations benefits from having its own IT department – our customers also appreciate the individual support. Our common aim is the secure and responsible handling of data. In addition to technical and organisational measures – also known as TOMs – in order to satisfy the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, IT support is developing individual information security concepts for customers with particular security needs. This ranges from limited access rights to on-site deployment of our in-house translators at the customer’s premises. For employees at EVS Translations, this adds exciting variety to the day-to-day work of IT support.

Always on the ball – shaping IT with vigour and a passion for languages

If it wants to be successful, a company has to work with its finger on the technological pulse. IT employees at EVS Translations play not just a role here, but an outstanding one at that! For this varied field of activity, they bring with them not only SOFTware skills, but all sorts of SOFT skills such as drive, communication and team spirit as well. All this with the sole aim of ensuring that all translators, proofreaders, project managers, translation engineers and administrative employees at EVS Translations can enjoy functioning IT services and a smooth user experience.

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