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A marketer’s guide to creating video for a global audience

The demand for video content is rapidly increasing. From internal communications and e-learning to social media and product commercials, companies seek to engage audiences through the medium of video. ‘A marketer’s guide to creating video for a global audience’ provides your creative or communications team with advice on the process of localising video assets. It takes you through the steps of creating subtitles and voice-overs so that you can plan accordingly, and it also includes information about cultural adaptation and reaching audiences through different online channels.

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Language technology for law firms

Searching large amounts of foreign language data is time-consuming for lawyers and can cause translation costs to spiral. Read “Language technology for law firms” to find out how your firm can speed up this search while controlling costs and maintaining proper data security. EVS Translations explains how law firms can apply an AI-based language solution to document review for cross-border transactions.

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Accurate pharma translations

Pharmaceutical companies are particularly dependent on accurate translation and localisation, as the consequences of inaccuracies may be particularly hazardous when it comes to the health of patients.

Translations for the pharmaceutical industry

In “What Does Quality Mean in Translations?” you will learn what pharmaceutical companies should look out for when choosing their translation service provider. We will also explain the features of a high-quality translation company.

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