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Video localisation

Recreate video content in all the languages strategic to your business.

Multilingual video content that captures the attention of your global audience

The explosion of digital content has led to reader fatigue, so businesses are increasingly using video to quickly capture attention and drive deeper engagement. EVS Translations partners with the internal and external communications departments of global brands to deliver comprehensive video localisation solutions for TV advertising, social media and more.

High-quality subtitles or voice-overs, which are timed accurately with all on-screen action, ensure your audience doesn’t lose interest. Our in-house linguistic and technical teams combine their expertise to create localised videos that can be used across international markets.

Corporate videos for internal communications

EVS Translations works with corporate HR departments to deliver health and safety training, e‑learning and internal communications via video. For large volumes, our project management team scales up production through our network of global EVS Translations offices. This means that video content can be delivered across multiple languages to a global workforce even when quick turnaround times are required. The translation technology team at EVS Translations manages style guides and terminology databases so all client- and industry-specific terms are correctly applied by our translators across all languages and projects.

Voice-over translation or subtitle translation?

Recording the original narration or dialogue for your video production in a new language helps your business reach new audiences. But since viewers may be watching with the sound turned off, subtitles ensure you don’t lose anyone’s attention.

Our in-house video localisation team can deliver audio or subtitle files but it can also embed this content in the video to deliver a finished product that is ready to launch. Whether you require open captions, delivery of .SRT files, lip-syncing for voice-over or translation of on-screen animated text, we will work to your specific brief.

If your team is planning to launch global video content, call us today or use our contact form.

More information on language solutions for video localisation

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