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  • Company BrochureFile Size: 7 MBRead through the EVS Translations company brochure to discover how our services and products can assist you.
  • Legal Translation ServicesFile Size: 466 KBAs one of the top service providers for legal translations, EVS Translations is the ideal source for legal projects requiring multi-language solutions.
  • Machine TranslationFile Size: 438 KBInternationalization is a key driver for growth for many businesses. But being present in multiple overseas markets creates a huge demand for the exchange and delivery of information across multiple languages.
  • Sport Translation ServicesFile Size: 338 KBSports connects billions of people around the globe but how do major sports organizations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?
  • Tax Translation ServicesFile Size: 430 KBAuditors do not forgive translation errors – so for taxrelated documents choosing the right translation service provider is crucial. Whether it’s commercial tax returns, tax due diligence reports or other types of tax documentation, they will require precise translation.
  • Technical Translation ServicesFile Size: 405 KBCertified technical translations in nearly every language combination for mechanical engineering, plant engineering, planning studies, documentation, and distribution materials.
  • Life Sciences TranslationsFile Size: 424 KBProfessional medical translations provided by experts with extensive translation experience in pharmaceuticals, medicine, and life sciences for package inserts, medical reports, PROs, data sheets, etc.
  • Video LocalizationFile Size: 257 KBMultilingual voice-over, subtitling and transcription services for your training and image videos.
  • Website Localization and International SEOFile Size: 413 KBDelivering an authentic digital experience across your international markets requires a sophisticated approach to the localization process, which moves beyond classic translation.
  • Soccer InternationalizationFile Size: 454 KBSoccer connects billions of people around the globe but how do major soccer organizations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?
  • Compliance Translation ServicesFile Size: 417 KBCompliance with Codes of Conduct, IFRS guidelines, FCPA, or product safety regulations protects your company and its image in the long-term. Our specialized translators translate codes of conduct, executive compensation regulations, audit reports or due diligence documents into their native language identifying cultural specificities and localizing them accurately.
  • Construction and Real Estate TranslationsFile Size: 225 KBHere's something for real estate funds, construction companies and architects. The real estate industry is not immune to the effects of globalization – an opportunity to get ahead of the competition with professional specialist translations and win over international investors.