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Technical Translation Services

EVS Translations offers multilingual globalization solutions to cover all translation requirements for the technology sector.

Technical and Manufacturing Translation Services

With robust processes, streamlined workflows, advanced technological solutions and strong project management, EVS Translations is the ideal language solutions partner for global engineering and manufacturing companies. Our technical translation expertise includes topics such as automation, robotics, and AI.

If your company exports, has overseas production facilities or a globalized supply chain, EVS Translations can add value to your localization process by providing comprehensive language solutions so that you can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities beyond domestic markets.

Expert Translators for Construction Documents and Construction Software Processing

To ensure that every technical detail of even the most complex and challenging texts is accurately translated into the required target language, the construction, structural engineering and architectural translation specialists at EVS Translations work together to combine their skills. In order to turn around large volumes quickly and reliably, in-house IT and graphic design teams in every office process technical drawings and industry specific design formats in accordance with country-specific requirements. Our DTP process is specifically designed to handle documentation relating to large-scale projects such as power plants, manufacturing sites, and more.

Real Estate Translations

If you are an established business in the real estate industry, you know how intricate files like appraisal documents and mortgage agreements are – and how important a precise translation is. You want to make sure that these often legally binding agreements are translated correctly and consistently? The over 95 in-house translators at EVS Translations have industry-specific expertise and access to the respective word banks to ensure just that and help your real estate business become successful everywhere.

If you are interested in bidding for businesses located in Germany, EVS Translations will translate your tender & offers to secure the project. Whether you require HSE, finance or HR translations, subtitles for staff training videos, or a multilingual website, you can leverage the experience of a trusted provider of language services to the manufacturing industry.

More Information on Language Solutions for Construction and Real Estate Translations

  • Construction and Real Estate TranslationsFile Size: 225 KBHere's something for real estate funds, construction companies and architects. The real estate industry is not immune to the effects of globalization – an opportunity to get ahead of the competition with professional specialist translations and win over international investors.

Technical Translation Services We Offer

  • Instruction manuals
  • Product catalogs and machine descriptions
  • Data sheets and documentation
  • Standards and specifications
  • Tenders and offers
  • Technical drawings
  • Contract translations
  • MSDS and SDS translations
  • Operating manual translations
  • Press release translations
  • Brochure translations with desktop publishing
  • Voice-over and subtitling

Our Technical Translations Team of Experts Offers the Following Advantages:

  • Centralized translation solution for your technical translation project
  • Glossary terminology management
  • Integrated feedback processes for streamlining authoring techniques
  • Engineering expertise from in-house reviewers
  • Automated translation management including report management
  • Ability to capture and implement global translation trends

Don’t hesitate to call us or use our contact form to get your translation quote today!

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