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Technical Translation

EVS Translations offers multilingual globalization solutions to cover all technical publications and technical translation requirements for the technology sector.

Are you looking for a trusted supplier of professional translation services for your technical documents? EVS Translations offers multilingual globalization solutions to cover all technical publications and technical translation requirements for the technology sector.

Technical Translation Services

Technical Manual with hand translation

With robust processes, streamlined workflows, advanced technological solutions and strong project management, EVS Translations is the ideal partner of global engineering and manufacturing companies located all over the world. Our technical translation service for your documents is multifaceted and we work in line with international quality standards (DIN ISO 17100).

Get in touch to discuss your latest technical translation challenges and to get a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

Translators with Technical Expertise

      We translate the following technical documents:


       Our technical translations team of experts offers the following advantages:


  • Instruction manuals
  • Product catalogs and machine descriptions
  • Data sheets and documentation
  • Standards and specifications
  • Tenders and offers
  • Centralized translation solution for your technical translation project
  • Glossary terminology management
  • Integrated feedback processes for streamlining authoring techniques
  • Engineering expertise from in-house reviewers
  • Automated translation management including report management
  • Ability to capture and implement global translation trends

"Power plants have to comply with a variety of strict industry standards that govern the use and installation of technical and electrical equipment, the plant layout, fire safety and detection measures, as well as evacuation plans and staff fire safety training. These standards have to be updated regularly and translated accurately into all languages required by the overseeing authority. Recently, EVS Translations translated a quarter of a million words of fire safety regulations for a leading global energy provider in an effort to ensure that all fire safety materials were up to date in all of the company's facilities.

The project involved a series of reports written by an inspection body assessing the condition of the plants and issuing recommendations to enhance fire safety.

In-house translators worked together as a team to ensure consistent terminology usage. A list of the most important terms and acronyms was created  and sent to the client for approval. As the project progressed, the translations were proofread against the original language by a technical specialist who provided specialist feedback. The result was a high-quality, consistent translation encompassing all the client’s preferred terminology. The glossary confirmed by the client will be integrated into processes for future translations."

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