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How Do We Ensure the Best Results on Your Oil and Gas Translations?

How Do We Ensure the Best Results on Your Oil and Gas Translations
How Do We Ensure the Best Results on Your Oil and Gas Translations? – EVS Translations

One of our long-standing partners at EVS Translations from the oil and gas sector is heavily involved in the exploration of new oil and gas fields. When the company was successfully granted an exploration license in Greenland, EVS Translations set to work translating its geological surveys and geophysical reports from English into Greenlandic and vice versa. On top of this were legal stipulations of the exploration license, drilling cost estimates and equipment evaluations, all relating to the prospect of launching a drilling operation in the Arctic Circle.

Companies from the oil and gas sector often require a large number of documents, containing a mix of technical, legal and financial information, to be translated during one order. Translations must be of a professional standard because they support a company’s plan to secure drilling rights, new business, investment or other such goals.

So how do we deliver professional translations that really benefit a company?

EVS Translations has always focused on an in-house approach to the work of translation in order to maximize quality control. Continued investment over the past 25 years in the growth of its own in-house staff for translation, document formatting, I.T. and project management has allowed the company to develop resources and infrastructure which are in line with the demands from industry for language solutions.

Our translators

Each translator at EVS Translations (we currently employ over 70 full-time in-house translators) is a university educated translator and trained in the tools and technologies of the translation industry. Linguists are assigned to specific industries, such as oil and gas, automotive or defense, to ensure they work consistently in a specific field, thereby improving and growing their linguistic repertoires. For large oil explorations projects, a team of translators will be assembled to bring together the best expertise across legal and technical translation. In addition to recruiting the very best in translation talent, EVS Translations invests in the latest industry glossaries, dictionaries, and translation software and its own internal I.T. helpdesk to support translators with software trouble shooting to ensure smooth and timely processing.

The wider team

Equally, professional translations for global corporations require strong project management. Project managers coordinate our comprehensive in-house teams for terminology management, translation, I.T. and document formatting to produce streamlined documentation even on large projects. For example, they ensure client-specific terminology memory is applied using software packages across all documents and sub-specialties in a major project.

The teams at EVS Translations continue to deliver professional translations to global corporations in the oil and gas sector. Most recently we translated a consulting report for a Canadian energy company, which includes oil reservoir connectivity studies, MMO reports, and all project correspondence – a substantial Spanish translation completed in only 3 business days. 

A wealth of experience for oil and gas translations means you receive translated documentation that delivers exactly to your business goals.

Learn more about how EVS Translations can help your oil and gas company reach peak performance.

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