17 May /16

Korea and Korean Language Trivia

Korean trivia
Korea and Korean Language Trivia – EVS Translations

1) Whereas other modern languages can be grouped into distinct language families, such as Italian, Spanish, and French being related Romance languages, Korean is thought to be a language isolate, as it is the only extant member of the Koreanic language family and not related to other regional languages.

2) Not only did the Korean Armistice Agreement split the peninsula into North and South Korea in 1953, it also split the language: while they are essentially still the same language, there are currently differences in pronunciation, grammar, spelling, and even vocabulary.

3) Though the Korean language has been used in some form since at least the 1st century, the Korean alphabet, called the Hangul, has only existed since the 1500s. Previous to the invention of native Korean characters, Chinese characters, called Hanja, were used to write Korean.

4) Having the most expansive and one of the fastest 4G LTE networks in the world, it is no surprise that South Koreans love technology and the internet. However, they are not fans of Google. Koreans appreciate banchan, or the idea of abundance, so they are more apt to use local search engines, such as Naver or Daum, where they can see news, weather, shopping, etc., instead of the more minimalistic Google.

5) While some believe in Astrology when determining compatibility with a mate, Koreans take it a step further: personality and compatibility can be determined by blood type, with each individual type having particular strengths and weaknesses.

6) One of the bedrock civilizations of Westernism, Rome traces its founding day to 21 April 753BC; however, Korea is slightly older: the National Founding Day is 3 October 2333BC (probably a Thursday, according to the Julian calendar).