24 Jan /12

Multilingual websites


We conducted a study of the UK exhibitors at 4 major European automotive exhibitions to analyse how many companies currently have their website in the local language of the country that they are exhibiting in.


We analysed a total of 82 UK companies’ websites and here are the results:

Exhibition one – location: Germany

23% of the UK exhibitors have their website in German.

Exhibition two – location: France

39% of the UK exhibitors have their website in French.

Exhibition three – location: Italy

20% of the UK exhibitors have their website in Italian.

Exhibition four – location: Russia

17% of the UK exhibitors have their website in Russian.

What are the benefits of multilingual websites?

The main purpose of multilingual websites is to improve communication with a global audience by giving them access to the same information as your English speaking audiences.

Given the huge growth expected over the next 10 years in non-English speaking countries such as Brazil, Russia and China, as well as strong alliances forming between Western and Asian companies, providing information in multiple languages is becoming an essential component of the modern day automotive supplier.

What should I consider?

Often companies do not achieve their desired results even though they have their websites in multiple languages. In theory, website translation should be relatively straightforward. Companies already have the English text, now all they need to do is have it translated and watch the clients roll in. But unfortunately, it is not that simple.

Careful consideration needs to be made to the following:

Although you have your website in multiple languages, how will local users find you?

Companies spend thousands of pounds every year on making sure their English website content is properly optimised for search engines, pay-per-click campaigns and internet marketing. They constantly monitor and analyse the content to make sure they are keeping up with local market trends and search patterns. This same attention to detail should be made for all of the languages on your website.

How can EVS Translations assist?

Having teams of SEO copywriters for each language means that we can offer clients a full multilingual website localisation and SEO service.

For some of the major automotive OEMs and sub-suppliers, we have conducted:

Localising website content
Keyword research
Multilingual PPC campaigns
Link building
Online PR and Social Media management
Copywritten email marketing campaigns

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